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Migrating to Insights


    Know what to expect when you migrate to Insights.

    With Insights, we introduce a powerful new way to keep track of all your customer knowledge in TheyDo. But if you’re an existing user, this update also comes with some (automatic) migration of content and an update in the way of working. This article describes the most important things to keep in mind.


    The timeline for migration to Insights is as follows:

    Free / Pro / Business customers: Insights will be activated on the 23rd of February.

    Enterprise customers: Insights will be activated on the 4th of April. That creates a bit more runway to inform larger numbers of users and establish a way of working around Insights. If you are ready to migrate before that date, let us know through Intercom (the purple bubble on the bottom right)

    Expected changes

    When migrating to Insights, there will be 2 changes:


    Persona actions will be replaced by Insights

    The persona action content will be migrated as follows:

    • The description will be moved to the Insight’s detailed description.

    • The empathy impact will still be the Insight’s empathy impact.

    • The persona will become the Insight’s persona tag.

    • The new Insight will get an ‘activity’ type assigned to it, so that you can easily filter and trace back which were migrated from previous persona actions.

    Quotes will be replaced by Insights

    The quote content will be migrated as follows:

    • The description will be moved to the Insight’s detailed description.

    • The positive/neutral/negative estimation of the quote will be turned into the Insight’s empathy impact score; a score of 1 for positive, 0 for neutral, and -1 for negative.

    Tips for a smooth transition

    To make the transition as smooth as possible, consider to do the following:

    • Create an Insight Taxonomy: Define what types, statuses, etc. you want to use for Insights.

    • Update your Journey Templates: If you have created Journey Templates, update the lanes to Insights (if necessary).
      Create an example Journey: If you have a ‘reference’ Journey, update any relevant lanes to Insights in order to show how Insights can be used in your Journeys.

    • Formulate a way of working: Define what the way of working around Insights will be. For example: At what point in the research process do you note Insights in TheyDo?

    • Inform users: Make sure everyone is up to date on these changes.

    For Enterprise customers: Feel free to reach out to your TheyDo coach if you need some extra input on any of these points.

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