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What Are Customer Journeys?

What Are Customer Journeys?

With TheyDo journeys, you can capture customer insights, opportunity areas, solutions, supporting processes, and more. This guide introduces journeys and helps you get started.

Customer journey map

What are customer journeys?

A customer journey map is a visual representation of the steps a customer takes in order to achieve a goal (or customer job). TheyDo helps you map customer insights, opportunity areas, solutions, supporting processes, and more. This helps ensure that every part of your business is aligned around your customer journeys, instead of the other way around.

Co-founders Jochem van der Veer and Martin Palamarz and CX lead Kaspar Kazil will take 30 minutes to walk you through the essential steps of scaling a customer-centric way of working: How to create top-down support. How to re-organize teams and define roles. How to break down silos and standardize workflows. How to set the KPIs that measure what matters.

How journeys help you to manage your CX

TheyDo journeys help you do several things:

  • Create deep insight into your customer experience. Journeys create a visual overview of the steps customers take, and help you to capture rich insight into how they experience those steps.
  • Improve your customer experience. Using TheyDo’s opportunities and solutions, you can quickly capture how your journeys can be improved, and delegate work around this.
  • Align your internal processes and teams. Capture how your teams, processes and systems support your journeys at every step. This helps you to align those processes around the customer experience, instead of the other way around.
  • Standardise your way of working. Create journey templates to make sure everyone in the organization uses the same building blocks for your journeys. This helps create a consistent way of working and reporting when it comes to journeys.

What have you seen as people wrap their heads around doing customer experience better within teams?
“Then you go down the rabbit hole, ‘now I can see, also, what happens if this all goes away?’ If I don’t have to do this over and over again, but just take 3 screenshots, tie it back to the journey so the team can roll it into the work they’re already doing, then you can be confident that there will be a place that the little things you have found will be used to make the product experience better will bring peace of mind.”

Journeys in the Journey Management Workflow

Journeys are created right at the start of the problem discovery phase, where they are used to structure the insights you uncover through customer research. Journeys stay relevant throughout the innovation process because they are used to map later results like opportunities, solutions, or supporting systems and processes. For more information, have a look at our intro to the journey management workflow.

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