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New: Tracking progress

Curious about which Solution moved the needle for your journey metrics? Here's a new way to track progress across your journeys.

Journey Management isn’t just about getting an understanding of reality. To make a true impact, you need to make progress on the most important opportunities. That’s why we’re introducing a new way to track progress across your journeys

Opportunity progress tracking 

  1. Who is working on what? (if they’re not directly part of your team)
  2. What are they doing about Opportunity X?
  3. And what’s the status of that project Barbara is working on?

In most companies, getting answers to these top three most-asked questions takes a lot of probing, meetings, and Slack messages. Although the process from Problem Discovery to Solution Discovery to Solution Implementation could be tracked in TheyDo, you needed a lot of manual work and updates.

So instead of making it hard, we’re launching Opportunity Progress Tracking. By linking Solutions to Opportunities, the progress for individual Solutions is rolled up to define Opportunity progress.

How it works

  • Set status types for all of your Solutions in your settings
  • For every Opportunity, connect the right Solutions
  • As Solution status changes, Opportunity progress is tracked
  • If you integrate with Jira/DevOps, status is pushed from engineers straight into your journeys

How progress tracking will help you work journey-led

  • It creates an overview for all stakeholders who are working on a particular Opportunity
  • You have all the Opportunity progress at a glance on every level
  • Instead of projects, progress can be traced back to every journey
  • Jira epics sync automatically with your Opportunities

Closing the feedback loop

What we’re working on is closing the feedback loop. You want to know which Solution moved the needle for your journey metrics. By enabling this part of the workflow, every team can see how they contribute to customer success. More on this to come.

Unlock a journey-led way of working

We’ve revised Insights from the ground up! All of your Persona actions and Quotes will be transformed into Insights in TheyDo. Dig in to find out what this means.

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