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Duplicating Workspaces: a game-changer for agencies and large organizations

If your job is helping others to set up Journey Management, then this feature is for you. Duplicating Workspaces is designed to help you create and maintain your best practice, and then quickly deploy it to others.

We are very excited to announce the launch of a new feature that allows you to replicate existing Workspaces within and across organizations: Duplicating Workspaces. This powerful feature makes it possible to quickly and easily create new Workspaces that are identical to existing ones — a huge win for agencies and large organizations, in particular.

Key features

Your best practices are gold. From the way you structure your framework to how you label and organize your Opportunities, it can now all be reproduced with one simple click… and poof! Your client can start implementing Journey Management using your setup.

Whether you’re setting up a new Workspace within an organization, or moving elements from your Workspace to another organization, duplicating allows you to bring everything you created right along with you. And the best thing? You get to select what is duplicated.

  • Create new Workspaces that are identical to existing ones — complete with all the content, hierarchy, taxonomy, and data.
  • Maintain a best practice in one place, and then deploy it elsewhere.
  • Become known for your Journey Management style.
"Especially the larger enterprise organizations, but also agencies and consultancies, will greatly benefit from this much-requested feature"

Guido Knook

Product Lead, TheyDo

For Agencies and corporates

The Duplicating Workspaces feature is perfect for teams looking to standardize their work and make it easy to share and collaborate with others. Whether you’re an agency working on multiple client projects or a corporation with multiple departments or business units, it’s an essential tool that will help you streamline your workflow and increase your productivity. Here are just a few examples:

  • Start building a customer framework and customer journeys in your own Workspace, and then hand that over to your client.
  • Seed a new customer Workspace with your standard workspace that includes hierarchy, taxonomy, and data.
  • Seed different departments or country business units with a ‘center of excellence’ Workspace that includes hierarchy, taxonomy, and data.

Good to know

Although nearly everything about a Workspace can be duplicated, there are some properties that can’t copy over due to the fact that these elements are not guaranteed to be present in the organization where you are replicating to. These include:

  • Comments and owners: these are linked to specific users, who may not be in the new organization.
  • Integration data: the new organization may not have specific integrations, such as connections to Jira, Azure DevOps, and Qualtrics.

Read the full step-by-step guide here

Get featured in our Community templates

We’re most excited about what comes next: discovering best practices from others in the community. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to showcase the way you work.

  • Share your Workspace with thousands of journey specialists all over the world
  • Be seen as a pioneer in Journey Management
  • Get your name out there

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