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All Things Considered CX with Bob Azman

CX insights from TheyDo Co-founder and CEO Jochem van der Veer's conversation with Bob Azman on the All Things Considered CX podcast.

The linkage between CX and UX

Ten years ago customer experience was the domain of UX designers. Experience used to be part of the product, but now it’s the Holy Grail for everyone. It is an all-encompassing way of looking at your business through the eyes of the customer. And user experience is managed by a group in your organization that basically is responsible for the digital products and services. They design those in the most optimal way to deliver the customer experience the way you want to be known as a business, allowing your customers to be happy and continually return.

From mapping to management

Many of our clients want to move forward from mapping to management, because a map is just a way of looking at things. We see a lot of organizations with maps all over the place – in Excel, multiple versions of PDFs, and Miro boards. But if you’re serious about Journey Management you first need to create a journey framework that unifies all of your journeys into one place. The framework helps you see the bigger picture. You can then start small on a project or a quarterly level with building some of these journeys and start to align your teams around them.

Strategically, this idea we’re bringing forth is not new. Companies already have an idea of managing the business journey centric, but it starts at the map level because that’s what we used to do. Now we’re going into management and we’re going to unfold a whole different dynamic in the organization – just like where Agile was 15 years ago, Journey Management is maybe today. We’re going to see a whole new discipline in the organization rise, a whole new way of working.

Big data vs small data

Jochem shares the story of a large grocery company with a consumer-focused digital platform that tried to move into the B2B space in business food deliveries and copied the whole setup from their consumer platform to the B2B environment. Even though the data didn’t show anything wrong, when they were mapping out the journeys, they discovered a lot of frustration coming out of the interviews. People were complaining that the landlines were blocked by this company, calling with an SMS about the last mile delivery. Understanding what data means and why it is there in the first place is going to be the big challenge for companies and in today’s world.

Where CX is headed

In the coming years, large organizations are going to be working journey-centric. They’re going to bring everything together around the journeys and align teams in that way. In the long term, devices will be able to track our experience or emotions on a more granular level than we can do today. Then we will probably see the whole world of experience change the relationship between the company and the customer. There could be a shift in the market in the coming decade where the data isn’t really about a customer and it’s all about the experience that customers will or will not share with the company. Then the power will once again be in the hands of the customer.

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